We are ZuluDesk

We specialize in the field of education and in particular the management of Apple devices such as the iPad, Apple TV, and other Mac products.

The current trend in education is to make learning more modern and fun for children. The system moves away from traditional teaching methods and embraces new techniques. In the meantime, ZuluDesk is used in over 50 countries and new schools sign up on a daily basis.

We work together with Apple and just opened a new office in Austin, Texas. Working with ZuluDesk is great, as we make sure the workplace has a friendly atmosphere to build team spirit.

Why work with us?

Why not? 😉

No seriously, working with us is an unique chance. Here’s why:

Learning on the job

Even if you consider yourself a professional, you’ll learn a lot from us. We promise that you’ll be challenged and you’ll enjoy it! Hopefully we can learn from you as well of course!

Brilliant Team

You’ll work with a brilliant team. Everybody is super friendly and passionate about their job. Everything we accomplish, we accomplish together. That’s teamwork!


ZuluDesk is being used in over 50 countries. We have worldwide coverage and your work will be used in thousands of schools!

Great people deserve a great working environment!

When you work with us, you will get the best environment available. It’s important to us that you enjoy your work. Your work environment includes:


Our relationship with Apple is one of a kind. We are working together closely to make sure the end user experience is awesome.